Through my professional experience

Raoul2016xRaoul is a software engineer, holding a master’s degree in information science. He currently works within the software projects department of a major international organization in Geneva. His post, which he has held for the past several years, relates to development of Web-related services. Born in Lima and of double Peruvian/Swiss nationality, Raoul completed most of his studies in France and Switzerland. He is active in va0811_PMI_logorious fields relating to the Internet and a member of several Swiss and international associations relating to computer science as ISOC (Internet Society), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and Schweizer Informatik Gesellschaft (Société Suisse d’Informatique). He is also president of an NGO involved in aid to the Third World and vice president of Vlib, the oldest catalogue of the Web. Pioneer of the Web, the first Raoul Sanchez web page was published in the Engineering School of Geneva (1993) and accessed by Mosaic, the first navigator graphic Web of the University of Illinois.

“For the last 25 years as an IT/IS engineer I assumed different roles such as: Network administrator, Helpdesk Manager, Software Developer, Video Conference Manager, Technical Trainer, Databases administrator, Websites & CMS developer and administrator, Project Manager with a broad experience working in culturally diverse teams in international environments. I have worked in European, Latin American and Asian environments. Recently, after a successful experience in Asia, I’ve returned to Switzerland and am eager to share this experience with national companies. My main asset is the ability to digest complex problems and to solve them in a comprehensive manner utilizing business and technical experience. This ability enables me to communicate client needs into technical solutions.”