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This document contains some pointers to information on Help desk available around the world on the World Wide Web   (WWW or W3), a global hypermedia system providing worldwide information.

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The following information is available:



Research sites and projects

Academic Research


Key Factors in Help Desk Success.

Research conducted by Iain Middleton and Rita Marcella. One of the first studies about this topic. I bougth it some years ago and used to write my thesis about the helpdesk.


Raoul Sanchez document: "Les nouvelles solutions du Helpdesk" (French) (.pdf file 2.0Mo)


Research into the help desk phenomenon since 1994. Where does the help desk fit into the service-focussed organisation and how can it be made to be successful? Research papers, reports and presentations, mostly free to download.

HelpDesk ProLink

HelpDesk ProLink! is an initiative of KSA Systems Australia to share advice, information and resources world-wide with other help desk professionals.

Using the Internet to support lifelong learning: The role of the Librarian

Newton, Robert, Marcella, Rita, MacLennan, Alan and Middleton, Iain School of Information and Media, The Robert Gordon University Scotland

Help Desk Automation and Knowledge Management

Research into the help desk software market by Avron Barr, Stanford University.

Papers available online:

The Central Role of Knowledge Technology in the Transformation of HR,

Avron Barr & Shirley Tessler, working paper, September 1998.

Knowledge Management in the Information Age,

 Avron Barr, slide presentation for Documation '98 panel, "Whither Knowledge Management Technology," March 1998.

Six Myths About Knowledge Management,

 Avron Barr, slide presentation, April 1997.

The Central Role of Knowledge Technology in the Transformation of HR.

 Avron Barr, Working paper, September 1998

Software Trends at the Help Desk,

 Avron Barr, Intelligent Software Strategies, September 1992.

Knowledge Distribution at the Help Desk:The Future of Corporate Information Systems,

 Avron Barr, Information Center Magazine, May 1991.

Organisations and Associations


Help Desk Management Benchmarking Association™. is currently a free association of help desk management professionals within major corporations. HDMBA™ conducts benchmarking studies to identify practices that improve the overall operations of the members.

The Association of Support Professionals:

 an association of individual support professionals (not corporations). Regional meetings, annual conference, publications etc.


The Desktop Management Task Force. Working to develop standards in the support industry. Some white papers are available in Word format.

The Call Centre Association

 was established in February 1996 in response to industry demand for an association which could serve the shared needs of the call centre industry in the UK.

The Customer Support Consortium.

 "The mission of the Customer Support Consortium is to further the understanding and adoption of Solution-Centered SupportSM as a strategy to achieve higher quality customer support at lower cost, and foster organizational improvement and innovation by leveraging support's knowledge."

Help Desk 2000:

 a membership organization dedicated to the training and certification of support professionals

Call Centre Managers' Forum:

 lots of links, articles

The Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals:

 books, utilities, tools...

Call Center University (CCU):

 dedicated to providing professional education and certification for call center personnel

The Help Desk Institute home page

The HDI has a membership of several thousand organisations, primarily in the USA, and produces books, provides training and organises events and conferences.

The Help Desk FAQ

by Phil Vergis from Duke University. The definitive list of resources covering all aspects of help desks. Information plus extensive links to organisations.



The following Newsgroup may be of interest:



The 24 hour support helpdesk is an all purpose helpdesk to answer your questions on computers, software, internet, email etc. We may not have all the answers for you but we can generally point you in the right direction if we can't answer the question.

Windows XP Help Desk

This is the online Windows XP support center. We are in no way affiliated with Microsoft nor do we want to be.

Windows Help Desk

 Here is the place where you can get answers to any of your windows problems so bring 'em on!

Aide Informatique - CyberSystem (French)

Pour ceux qui souhaitent partagés leurs expériences en informatique.

Tech Assistance Informatique (French)

Les tech Assistance Informatique

info-linux  (French)

Linux: comment compiler le noyau, les dernières nouveautés, les distributions

aide-informatique (French)
Solidarité informatique et Internet, entraide proposée par les internautes eux-mêmes, échanges d'astuces et de savoir la convivialité. Dédié aux débutants et passionnés d'informatique.


Books and Documents

[Bruton 2002]

Noel Bruton, How to manage the IT Helpdesk. A guide for user support and call centre managers.

ISBN 0-7506-4901-1

Publié par Butterworth-Heinemann

Second Edition 2002


[Sanchez 2003]

Raul Sanchez, Les Nouvelles solutions du Helpdesk. Contemporary study about today's Helpdesk solutions.

CNAM France

Oct 2003


[Cast 2003]

Nicolas Saint Cast, Organiser sa relation client aujourd'hui. La CRM nouvelle manière.

Editeurs Maxima


ISBN 2-8400-1339-8


[Marcella 1996]

Rita Marcella and Iain Middleton, Key factors in Helpdesk success: An analysis of areas critical to Helpdesk development and functionality.

British Library Research and Development Department

Report 6247



[Roiron 2000]

Etude de développement de la fonction décisionnelle du Helpdesk et de ses rapports à la formation, Mémoire de recherche pour l'obtention du Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures en Sciences et Technologies de l'Apprentissage et de la Formation.

Université de Genève. Suisse

Juin 2000


[And-Sof 2001]

Andersen-Sofres, Baromètre Outsourcing 2001

Pratiques et tendances du marché de l'externalisation en France



[And-Sof 2002]

Andersen-Sofres, Baromètre Outsourcing 2001

Pratiques et tendances du marché de l'externalisation en France



[Andren 1998]

S’attaquer au problème du maintien en poste des employés des

bureaux d’asisstance. InSide Gartner Group.



[Jiménez 2002]

Indicadores de Alineamiento entre Procesos de Negocios y Sistemas Informáticos. C. Jiménez. Tesis de Magíster en Ciencias de la Computación.



[Goo 2003]

What You Need to Know About IT Outsourcing Trends for 2003

Kathleen Goolsby
January 2003


[Bruton 2002A]

The End of the Helpdesk as we know it?

European Conference on Customer Management

Avril 2002


[Matlus 2002]

Fannie Mae's Helpdesk Outsourcing Experience

Gartner Group
September 2002


[McKinsey 2002]

Has Outsourcing gone too far?

Stephen J. Doig, Ronald C. Ritter


[Compass 2002]

Grown Up? How mature is your Helpdesk?

Jeanne Cuff, publication E-notes, http://www.compassmc.com


[Peebles 2001]

Peebles Christopher, Measuring Quality and Value of IT Services


Educause 2001


[CFB 2003]

Profil de formation, Technicien/technicienne en informatique

Secteur 2: Industrie, Communauté française de Belgique

Commission Communautaire des Professions et des Qualifications



[BERT 2002]

Common mistakes in IT Organization Design

Christina Bertsch, Lucy Markert

Gartner Group, Novembre 2002





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